Nothing prepares you for the day like a nice hit of coffee in the morning. And nothing keeps you going like several more throughout the day!

Coffee is one of the things we as a society use a lot of but rarely think about. It’s easy just to pop down to your local coffee store and buy a cup o’ joe without thinking about what we’re doing.

And that’s what makes it so attractive! It’s quick and easy to get and even easier to drink.  Heaven knows we in the Oink household need a caffeine boost in the morning!

The nice thing about drinking coffee is that by making small changes to the way you consume it, you can know you are being ethical and green. Here are three little tips that will make your morning coffee feel that bit better

1. Use a reusable travel cup

This is a simple solution to help stop you using paper cups and coffee sleeves everyday. It might even save you time and money if you fill it up and bring it to work with you, instead of having to stop and buy a cup on the way.  This can cut down on the amount of paper cups and sleeves that are wasted every year and in some shops you might even get discount for using your own!

2.  Bulk Buy

Try and buy the biggest bags of coffee as possible when you are doing a grocery shop. This means you won’t have to buy them as frequently and reduces packaging costs.  Not only does this help the environment but also saves you money, as buying in bulk is cheaper in the long run.  Depending on where you buy your coffee, you might even be able to bring your old packages back and simply get them re filled, which is a great way to cut down on what you through out every week.

3.  Know where your coffee comes from

This might take some research, but ensures that you’re buying ethical and eco-friendly brands. There are many certificates, such as fair trade and rainforest alliance badges that indicate the social quality of your coffee.  So read up on where it’s from and what those badges are to stay in the know about your beans!