Earlier this month, a solar powered plane flew over the Egyptian pyramids.

While it may sounds like science fiction, it is not.  It is also quite an impressive feat, considering it had been flying continuously for 49 hours, all the way from Spain.

The plane is called the Solar Impulse 2 and has been flying around the world to raise awareness of renewable energy and the future of technology.

What better way to show the world the power of the sun, than flying one of man’s greatest inventions entirely of solar energy!

This plane is a feat of man’s creativity.  It is able to fly both day and night, without the use of any fuel at all.

It does this from the power it stores in the 17,000 solar cells and on-board  batteries that collect energy as it flies during the day.  This allows it to fly regardless of whether the sun is out, or if the weather is cloudy.

The plane started its journey in Abu Dhabi in March of last year and has finally landed in Egypt.

In between it has landed at a number of places, including California, Hawaii, Japan, China, India and Myanmar.

It was not entirely plain sailing however, as the plane was grounded in Hawaii for around a year due to damage in the batteries caused by over heating.  This may sound pretty devastating, but it is now fully back up on its “wings” and ready to go.

Before it encountered this glitch, it had already broken a world record foir the farthest and longest flight of a solar powered plane.

This sets an impressive milestone in solar energy and with new technology being developed all the time, it is not unimaginable that we could all be flying in solar powered planes some day!