Here at Oink, we love to share tips about how to be greener in your daily lives , as it is something we love to do in our own.

There are so many different ways of being green, some that are big decisions like buying a hybrid car and others that can be as simple as switching a light off.

But whatever you do to be greener, big or small, it can make a difference. One of my favourite ways to be greener is easy to do and pretty sweet.

Simply put, keeping flowers fresher longer is a fantastic and easy way to be green. By striving to make cut flowers last longer in vases we can actually help the planet in the long run.

This may seem like a tiny bit of effort to make a difference, but as we’ve all heard before, every little helps!

Flowers breathe in CO2 and give out Oxygen during photosynthesis, and while this process is reversed when the plant is in darkness, this is a great way to be a little bit greener.

It also makes your home great by introducing a dash of living colour!

Keeping flowers fresher for longer allows you to fully appreciate them and at the same time reduces waste.

To help keep your flowers living for longer first of all, clean your vase. This might seem obvious and pretty simple but it helps keep bacteria and fungi from getting inside the stems of your flowers.

The next step is to fill your vase with warm water and then let it sit for a few minutes. This means there will be fewer gasses in the water, as these can clog the stem and prevent water from being absorbed.

Using the little packet of flower food that comes with your bouquet is also a great way to give them a little bit more life as it too kills any bacteria that may threaten them. This food also increases the water’s pH, allowing water to be absorbed faster.

Now our final step may seem a little strange, but it can work! Keep you flowers away from fruit.  Fruits produce ethylene, which encourages your flowers to ripen, just as it does in fruit.

This means that your flowers will age prematurely and therefore die quicker!

So the next time you get a beautiful bouquet, follow these steps and it could be with you for a bit longer!