Plastic bottles are a big issue in the environment as plastic takes a long time to biodegrade.

But they are also something we use a lot in everyday life, whether it’s drinking bottles or shampoo or cleaning materials.

The good news is that we can easily recycle plastic bottles to become something else! Here are our tips for some creative ways you can transform your plastic bottles.

1. Planters
You can easily use the bottom half of a plastic bottle to plant things. Simply by cutting the bottle in half, filling it with soil and putting a plant in it, you have yourself a very handy planter! This can be made more exciting by painting it and cutting the top in a certain way, such as to resemble ears for an animal themed planter. This is not only a great way to recycle bottles, but also to introduce some plants into your home.

2. Ottoman Seat
This one took me by surprise too, but by simply gluing a selection of the same sized bottle to cardboard and stapling some padding and fabric onto it, you can make a pretty convincing ottoman! Use cardboard on both ends and make sure to pack all the holes with plenty of padding. Then choose your favourite fabric and either use a glue gun of staple gun, and there you have it!

3. Bird Feeder
This one is a little more obvious than an ottoman, but it is just as handy. Take the bottle and cut holes in the sides, then cut smaller holes underneath these holes and slide a pencil or doweling stick through to act as a perch. Secure this with glue. Then tie some string around the top, fill with bird feed, hang from a tree and away you go! More detailed instructions can be found all across the Internet. Once you have them hanging up, be prepared to make lots of new feathery friends!