Pete – A manager for a regional logistics company, he is good with information, he is articulate, informed and a little bit delusional.

He thinks his finger is firmly on the pulse but he’s stuck in 1992. His catchphrase is “Let’s get piggy with it”. He loves Will Smith and regards the Fresh Prince of Bel Air as the height of “street”. If you want a Dad joke or a pig pun then this is your man. Link to more.

Peggy – Savvy and with an eye for detail, Mum is super switched on and knows what’s best for her family.

She is the quintessential Mum, she grew up in a working class family from the North. She’s no nonsense, down to earth and means well. Link to more.

Titch – Like a little piggy Yoda, she is wise and sage but still a little girl and her philosophical view is often disrupted by an excitable squeal here and there.

Titch is 9 years old and spends a lot of her time engrossed in books. Her calming voice belies her years and she tends to come out with unexpected meditations on what it means to be a pig whilst still remaining adorably childlike. She is grounded and has the ability to see things as they really are, as only children can. Link to more.

Sparky – The smart Alec of the family, this 12 year old bright spark uses his quick wit to provoke a response in the family.

He loves playing football and listening to music and likes to outsmart anyone and everyone he comes into contact with. Link to more.