Oink Energy is now part of Green Energy UK

Green Energy UK are the only 100% Green Gas supplier in the UK.

We’re an ethical and accountable energy supplier. We treat our customers like customers, not numbers. When you phone us you’ll always speak to a person, day or night. And we’ll make you a shareholder when you sign up, for free.

We’ve been around for 15 years now, so we know how the industry works. We won’t run at a loss to get your business, we charge real prices for the energy we use, and we don’t take your payments upfront.

We don’t want to save the world, nor be the biggest energy company around. We just want more people using sustainable energy.

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We think energy should be easy; easy to buy, easy to understand, easy to switch.

Energy is a serious issue but it’s sometimes pretty boring. So we created the Oinks, a family of four savvy, informed and educated piggies who know all too well how important it is to use the right kind of energy in the right way.

They’re pigs that we hope will demystify the world of energy for you, our loyal readers, that’s pig thinking!